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    Hello Gray Project Members -

    I think I have a reason why the Gray surname has no matches in the DNA system. I quote two resources:
    - Guild of One-Name Studies - Gray - Origin of the surname:
    - variations:
    - English of Norman origin - Graye
    - Gallo-Roman origin - Gratus
    - France, modern - Gris
    - German, modern - Grau

    - Gray Name in Family History -
    - Norman variations - Grey, Groy, Croy

    Perhaps this will help clarify why there are no Gray matches - you go back far enough in time and we all had name changes with the original being one of the above. Although I suspect if you go back even farther than the history indicated above, the names were none of the above. Check the migration patterns on the map from Africa and the fact that there were no surnames until modern times.

    Rev John Gray
    [email protected]

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    Gray surname

    My late mother was adopted by a family named Gray in the early 1900's. They lived in Central Texas but I have never been able to trace this family. Do you have any connections to family members from that area? As you stated, there are many variations of spelling, and I'm not certain the spelling was Gray.

    Don Butler


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      Many of my matches (most actually) are in the Scandinavian countries, which makes sense for being of Halpogroup I with the surname Gray (i.e., of Norman descent).