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    Recently I have been trying to recruit people to a new Morelli Surname project. Unfortunately my e-mail has been bouncing back. being one of them.

    Is anyone aware of trigger words? Like "DNA" or other that could cause these to be rejected?


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    Originally posted by EBurgess
    Recently I have been trying to recruit people to a new Morelli Surname project. Unfortunately my e-mail has been bouncing back. being one of them.

    Is anyone aware of trigger words? Like "DNA" or other that could cause these to be rejected?

    in rootsweb it is which is why i started this

    A mailing list has been started at name is IRISH-DNA-L
    and IRISH-DNA-D. The goal of this list is to provide a place for light
    conversation on the results of Irish Surname Projects. Enabling people new to
    DNA projects to see how they can bennefit with out getting too technical.
    you can subscribe by sending an email titled Subscribe to either
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    maybe the corpperate site is a trigger


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      to find you missing message board posts


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        Thanks for the info Jim,

        I think the $ symbols in my e-mail may have been the trigger to flag my mail as spam. I was e-mailing a person's mailbox that was on their genealogy website.

        I am new to creating unsolicited e-mail so I probably have to learn a bit more about automatic spam blockers.




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          Earthlink spamblocker can be set to block mail from unrecognized e-mail addresses as "suspect" e-mail. When the mail bounces back to the sender, the sender should be allowed to submit an "allowed sender request" that will be received in the addressee's inbox. If the addressee agrees to "allow" the sender, the original message then comes through. Automated spammers do not reply to the bounced mail, so "allowed sender requests" are usually reponded to positively.


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            Thank you "Morrison".

            Yes, you are right. As long as the recipient has the choice to see the first mail I am satisfied.

            I am wrestling with the idea of mass mailing people in phone directories and e-mail. In these days of SPAM and junkmail who knows how these will be recieved. After all it is a form of solicitation. I myself am becoming anoyed with repeated mail from banks about pre-approved credit cards and such.

            slightly off topic:

            I find that people in North America are more receptive to genealogy inquiries than in Europe? I wonder if others have the same experience? Maybe people are afraid of being scammed or just not interested? I don't know.



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              EBurgess, I am seeing the same thing. North Americans seem to be more receptive. But we have been able to recruit members from other countries, too. It seems that there is some reluctance to participate in DNA testing on the part of people in certain other countries. It may be conservatism, concern about personal privacy, or the publicity that DNA receives in connection with police investigations, or some combination of other factors.

              Re e-mail bouncing, it seems e-mail addresses have a short life in general. People change their internet service providers and e-mail addresses frequently. Some of the address changes may be attempts to minimize spam. Sometimes you can find a person's new e-mail address by doing a Google search using keywords from their previous genealogy e-mails, such as surnames, locations, etc.


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                Thank you for your post.

                Very true on the e-mail addresses having a short life. Too bad it speeds things up so much. I have googled a ton with moderate success on tracking the living.

                With regards to DNA participation:

                I live in Montreal, Quebec. Here French Canadian genealogies are well documented and go back to the first colonists in the early 17th century some even earlier. The records prior to the 1750s having been thoroughly researched/documented by the university of Montreal. Oddly there are almost no French Canadian names being researched at FTDNA. The ones that are, are american! I drool at the possibilities here. A serious research study could be conducted. I think that people are wary of upsetting long established genealogies by DNA.


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                  Hi E
                  You are quite correct, I too have had quite a time trying to recruit folks in Europe mainly the UK to participate not only in the DNA project, but in trying to find helpers over there to help with my 1 name surname project.

                  I thought it was just me lol. It's quite frustrating not being able to trade information with others over sea's. Yes I can find a lot of data on web sites and message boards, library and such. But nothing beats a direct contact with someone with simular interests. Besides that, it's their DNA that can help many of us in the USA and Canada to find DNA match's to. That is what drove me to starting the Lock(e) DNA project, to not only help link the many various branches here in the USA, but the exciting part for me was to see the results of test from everywhere else beyond the USA!

                  So far only 5 USA Locke's have taken the test, and more USA Locke's have shown interest in it. I won't loose hope this early in the game
                  Come on EURO'S get involved !

                  I know several Euro Lock(e)'s are involved or at least interested in their family tree, I know that because I am the email list host for rootsweb for the Lock and Locke email lists and forum mod. I see many Euro email addresses , but few participate, they apparently just sit back and watch rather then participate, which I just don't get.

                  If I had clone of me over there, I could get so much more done lol.

                  As far as spamming, I have done that too in the past. I can remember of only 1 time did someone email me back stating they didn't wish me to email them, that they didn't care about their family tree. So I say go for it!
                  I am about to spam again to promote the DNA project, if they dont' like it they can delete it lol.


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                    I am looking for answers ! Was excited about the possibilities of DNA, untill I learned recently, My paternal grand father, & his brother carry the maiden name of their mother.. There is no way to discern a factual surname.. In the abscents of a surname to look for, does this totally negate the effectiveness, of finding the mystery name?. " Talk about a brick wall" ..