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Group Emails - Bug?

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  • Group Emails - Bug?

    I recently tried to send emails to only family groups. I received a notice that the messages were in queue and were then cleared and sent.

    Two comments / questions:

    a) Is there not a way to see a history of what I have sent and when (email log)?

    b) I believe the emails were not just sent to the members of the family group, but instead to perhaps everyone in my test (Lee). Can someone at FTDNA please verify this? If this is the case, it's a bug in the new GAP. I just wanted to send an email to a few people in a family grouping, and selected that grouping when composing the email. I received a response from someone not even in a family group - they are a unique haplotype and external to the group I was sending to. As I cannot see the actual email sent - I am running blind here.

    Request FTDNA to improve this area of the system. If admins are to be encouraged to send emails from within the system, we need better visibility into what is actually being sent.

    Gary Lee
    Admin, Lee Surname group