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Updating the project website under GAP 2.0

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  • Updating the project website under GAP 2.0

    Has anyone updated any of the webpages on their project's public website?
    The new GAP 2.0 editor is bewildering. It tends to give the impression that it is WYSIWYG, but it is not. Fortunately, my pages look like they always have, but they don't look like what shows up in the editor. I had spent some time adding html code, which you could do with the old system, to get the appearance that I wanted. I am afraid to try an update anything using the new editor because it shows no html for the current pages. I haven't been able to get any guidance from FTDNA. Is there some way to turn HTML code on in the new editor? Why does what is in the editor not resemble what the actual Public Website has? I can't believe that this thing has been in place for a few months and there are no posts related to it.

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    Updating Project Website

    On the lower left corner of the panel find and select <>, this will take you to the html editor. Do not return to the WYSIWYG to review your work. The editor will add unwanted <br/> to each line and change your line spacing.
    My method is to open the html editor (<>) delete all code, save the changes, add new code, save changes and logout.
    So far most everything that has been coded displays as desired.


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      Using the HTML Editor in GAP 2.0 for project public website

      Thanks so much.
      Certainly happy to know how to get to the HTML editor. I hadn't been able to get anything out of FTDNA and was surprised to not see anything on the forum.
      Did you just come across it on your own?

      Just to clarify your steps.
      1)You open the html editor for the page that you want to change.
      2)You delete everything there and save it as a blank page? Meaning that page is currently not available online?
      3) You paste in the new page with the text and html code that you want.
      4) You save it and exit.

      Is there some reason for not simply highlighting what is currently there and then pasting over it?
      BTW, what is there now is certainly not what is used to generate the public website pages. Thank goodness.

      I don't think that I have saved on my own computer what I have currently have on the Public website. I suppose that I should simply go to the public website and view/copy the source code. Work on it and then paste into the html editor? save and then exit?


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        Updating public sites under GAP 2.0

        Some weeks ago, just after GAP 2.0 was released, I tried to update the "Result" page under the Norway Project, and I included a copied spreadsheet, but the results was a "blank" page and a half between the text and the copied spreadsheet (I later tried with a table, but with the same result).

        I reported this to FTDNA and they responded by saying that they could see the problem and would report it as a fault, but that was the last thing I heard, 2-3 weeks ago.

        I don't know anything about HTML, but mwhendrix's method sounds as if it could solve this problem as well. Will certainly give it a go, it cannot get any worse.


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          Reply from FTDNA on Public Website editor

          Received this reply from FTDNA on 12/09/2010.

          Thank you for your e-mail. We aware there are still problems with the GAP 2.0 interface and our IT department is working to resolve these as soon as possible. Some updates have already been made that should fix most of the issues with the public website editor. However, according to the IT department, it is true that some formatting may have been lost during the switch over. I apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience as we continue to fine tune GAP 2.0.