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Faster mutating DYS# 439

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  • Faster mutating DYS# 439

    I was wondering if three of our Crows, that matched 12 for 12, and share the same value, 12, on faster mutating DYS# 439, are more closely related to each other, than to some of the rest of us, that share a different value, 13, on DYS# 439?

    One of those three 12 for 12 matcheing Crows has 25 markers already, and, additional markers for one of the other 12 for 12, is still pending, which I fully expect will match many of the other of us Crows at the 25 maker level, as the one 12 for 12 did, that has 25 markers already.

    Any thoughts, or comments, on whether the three matching 12 for 12 Crows are more closely related to one another, because they share the same value on DYS# 439, than the rest of us matching Crows, will be very much appreciated.

    Phillip Crow, Crow DNA Group Administrator