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    Maybe your Armstrong progenitor was a pastry chef from Ghent?
    or a man who was a monk yet had very strong arms and was also a stonemason? Or a man who participated in a Crusade and returned with one of his arms missing? You are so fortunate to know as far back as you do. There are many adoptees who don't know their parents names and are searching for the basics that many already have and take for granted. I am glad I know that I am part Scottish. If I were adopted and was so lost and didn't already know what I know and went by my DNATribes matches I would probably move to Brazil and become Brazilian, or move to Syria or Bahrain or Morocco and become a Muslim. And then there was my AncestryByDna result which prompted me to doubt and question one quarter of my family history. And I guess it doesn't really matter who the Armstrong progenitor was. It will never be known with 100% certainty. If you know your line stayed in the same region since 1200, then everyone from there is related.


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      Hello Rainbow,
      My paper trail goes back to the 1670's, & I was lucky enough to trace two living members with whom I share a gggggggfather in c1701. Luckily we match at 36/37. As my surname first appears in the 1220's in Cumberland, I'm trying to close a 450-year gap.
      I've been lucky in that one of my 67-marker closer matches had ancestors living a stone's throw from the power-base of Gilnockie Tower in Dumfriesshire - pivotal to the family between 1300-1600. The great thing about researching ancestors from a relatively small area is that it concentrates the search. A 30-mile radius drawn around Carlisle in Cumbria encompasses most areas of early interest for research.
      I agree that the search for a progenitor will need a miracle, but I have confidence that DNA may well be able to narrow down which 'tribe' he was from: Brythonic Celt, Danish-Viking, Pictish etc...
      Anyway, I'll stop before I bore everyone to tears!!!
      Good luck with your Border research - it's a great region to visit.


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        Hi Bob

        I think it's fascinating and I hope you have that breakthrough and find out which group (Brythonic Celt or Pictish or Viking etc) your Armstrong was from. Any and all would be cool.

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