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  • Native American ancestry

    Since this does not pertain directly to my own family, I am unfamiliar with which tests are best for identifying and clarifying Native American ancestry. A friend of mine believes she has NA ancestry, has already tested something with FTDNA (I asked her which tests she has had done) and asked if I knew anaything specific for NA. Any help would be welcomed, especially test for mitochondrial DNA. She does not have a good paper trail.

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    She can try an admixture test from 23andme and/or decodeme. Is your friend from Hunterdon County?


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      Native American mtdna includes haplogroups A,B,C,D and (more rarely) X. If she's not one of these, then the mtdna is not NA. However, as you've probably seen, this only indicates the purely maternal line (mother-maternal gmother etc.). Any NA ancestry outside of this single lineage would not show up in mtdna.

      For other lineages, she'd have to look into one of the tests suggested by rainbow.



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        Thanks for the NA info

        I will pass on the information to my friend. I don't know where her family comes from, and since she is adopted, she is not really sure either.

        She had 15% NA 85% European on the only test she took, but I don't have much faith in those percentages anyhow, and they don't tell her what seh really wants to know.

        Thanks to you both for your answers.


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          You're welcome. Thanks for talking about it in this thread. I wondered if your friend was from the same area my paternal grandmother is from, Hunterdon County. I believe my 17% is from her. My 3 main theories are: #1) the old families have been mixed since colonial days, #2) adoption or a secret parent who was one of the Sioux Indians that lived in Mercer County. Google 1910 Sioux Census. There were 63 Sioux Indians, all ages, both sexes, living there in 1910, working for the Wild West Show. Maybe some continued to stay in New Jersey. , #3) adoption or a secret biological parent who attended the Carlisle Indian School. When I looked into the Sioux-in-NJ story I was told that many Indians from various tribes attended the Carlisle school in Pennsylvania and settled down in many small towns in NJ.

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            I have sent your message on to my friend

            Hello Elisabeth

            I have passed on your message to my friend and asked her if it would be OK to give you her email address so that you two could communicate directly. She did have the DNA Fingerprint test through FTDNA, but not the other tests, which I have recommended. She may find a match on the database and at least she will know her haplogroup then. Is there a Native American project she could join that you know of.?