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FTDNA Project Y and MtDNA Display Tab Problems

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  • FTDNA Project Y and MtDNA Display Tab Problems


    I am the administrator of the Amerindian Ancestry out of Acadia Family Tree DNA Project.

    We are having two problems with our site display that I'd like to mention here, so that they may receive the soonest attention.

    Here are the problems:

    (1) Y DNA Results Tab: We are missing the column that displays the name and information for the earliest known ancestor. The data was available in the prior display -- and I would like it restored. This data pulls from the user profile information -- for some reason it's not doing it any more although I have the option checked to show it.

    (2) Y DNA Results Tab: Although I have not checked to show, the KIT NUMBERS are displaying for all of my records. These need to be removed from the display.

    (3) mtDNA results tab: When you click the mtDNA results tab, you see the Y DNA results tab.

    Note: I've also contacted the email address [email protected] with these and several other issues.

    Thank you for helping to resolve these three major issues -- after these are addressed, then we'll work on some of the lesser ones that I've sent to the [email protected] address.

    Please help!

    Marie Rundquist ([email protected])

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    It is most likely that you're response will be from contacting:

    [email protected]


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      Hi Marie,

      did you ever get an answer to problem No1 ? Have you managed to get the Most Distant Ancestor column to display properly.

      If you did where did the answer come from?