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New DASH - anyone else seeing this?

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  • New DASH - anyone else seeing this?

    I've played with the new system this morning. I like some things such as the project statistics etc. But I have a few questions:

    1) The Haplogroup pie charts are nice... but I wish they would show the percentages when hovered over with the mouse. (just like the project member statistics by month)
    2) I have 90 members but the new site is not showing all my members and/or has ungrouped them. I go to the old GAP page and I'm told no one is not assigned a group. Is this the comment in the emails that INFO IS NOT LOST but will take some time?
    3) Can we still see member distribution maps on DASH?
    4) Has anyone else had the problem on the OLD page when selecting the mt-DNA member map that it reverts to a log in vs. the member distribution map. FT-DNA said they fixed it.. but not so as yet.
    5) Can we still view the public website from DASH? I don't see a widget for this?
    I'm sure I will have more questions as I play.