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  • Dash Security Warnings

    I'm working on setting up the new Dash, and am finding that security warnings are flying all over the place. Last night as I was setting up, each and every widget carried a security pop up of "" was a un-secure site. Every time you touched the widget to minimize or enlarge the security pop up went off. This a.m. as I tried to enter the site, I had to log in three times as the page froze up, finally gained access and each and every widget carried a pop up security warning as it developed on the dash.

    I use the Opera browser, which is more secure than Explorer (Microsoft) and I wonder if it is the Opera browser that is more sensitive to security warnings. Is there anything that I should know about these security pop-ups, or how to get rid of them? they are pesty.
    Carole Corn
    Admin. Cossitt Family

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    I'm not familiar with Opera, but it sounds like you have your security settings really high. Can you add as a trusted site?