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  • Regularly Update Results ETA

    Hello All,
    As a co-admin for my group I'm regularly e-mailed by our participants as to the ETA of their results. Naturally I point them in the direction of the estimates given by FTDNA.
    However, when special offers/discounts are put into the mix there is naturally a huge surge in interest. This produces an inevitable delay. My points are thus:
    1. When the ETA for results is adversely affected, as has happened with Batches 309 & 310, could something be put up promptly to tell the customers that their initial ETA was not achievable, & the new ETA listed?
    2. The projected ETA for results for Batch 309 was some 2 or 3 weeks adrift, yet Batch 310 still has it's original ETA; ie nearly 3 weeks ago. Could this be adjusted, plus more accurate ETA's for subsequent batches, until the backlog is cleared?
    I only ask as it's a PR disaster when people are eagerly awaiting results, then finding delays.
    I offer these views as constructive criticism, although I fully appreciate the economic necessity of attracting more customers.
    PS Is it worth considering opening the lab for longer hours during these promotional offers to keep to the existing ETA's?