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Getting the Word Out on new group start-ups

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  • Getting the Word Out on new group start-ups

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Craig Trout and I am the Group Administrator for the new TROUT-TROUTT-TRAUT surname group. Since my group is only several weeks old, I am feeling very encouraged that we already have four members who have ordered kits, one new member now pending, and two additional correspondents expressing initial interest.

    As part of my project start-up plan, I theorized that getting a half-dozen members to join fairly soon on and then getting their 12-marker results actually posted would then serve to encourage interest of others, thus perhaps sustaining some level of growth from that point on.

    My question to all is have any of you found any particular methods for getting the word out that you would recommend to the rest of us?

    I have posted on GenForum for all variations of my surname group, and have done the same with RootsWeb message boards. I have also posted to several ListServes for TROUT-variant surnames.

    I also went through my email files for any TROUT researchers that had written to me in the past year or so, then sent them a group message announcing our new TROUT-DNA research project.

    Are there any other ideas out there that anyone has found particularly useful?

    Kind regards to all,

    "If democracy is government by representation, then genealogy is history by representation" - Craig H. Trout

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    the dna rootsweb lists are down i started a irish-dna-l list for getting new recruits for irish surnames [ loose interpritation] as a way to advertize in mailing lists with out mentioning any dna company whcih rootsweb moves to a corner of the basement.
    when they start back up you should email it and post abvout the project putting the study name on the subject so when people look at the archives they will see it
    but what til it goes up you can subscribe by emailing
    [email protected]
    and wait til you get some mail