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How does female order kit to test male relative

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  • How does female order kit to test male relative

    How does a female order a kit to test a family member. She has a reunion coming up and wants to find a male to take the test, does not know the name to enter on the order.

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    Personally, I would use a pseudonym.

    When ordering the test, use a surname that would be among the most distant known male ancestors. People do this everyday.

    When the option for payment comes up, just fill out the billing and credit card information with the true name and address of the person paying for it.

    When submitting the sample be sure that the "name and signature" of the person's dna that is being submitted is signed on the paper provided, and that it matches the name you used when ordering the test; if not that data will not be shown on the public pages, no matter how hard you try later.

    This is no different for the situation when a man orders a gift test for his wife's father, but uses the wife's father's father's father's name on the sample.
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      Ask FTDNA

      Tomorrow morning I'd call FTDNA at (713) 868-1438 and ask them. For some reason they seem to know the best way to place an order with them.

      If you are an admin look at your GAP. There is a place for ordering more than one kit. The names of the persons being tested is not asked for.

      Once they have told you the answer to your question you could post it here so others would know.


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        Kit Order

        Thanks Jim and rucksack for your help.

        The lady ordered the kit before I got back to her. She put "brother" for name of person taking the test.

        I did call and spoke to Ashley. She said that was fine or you can just use


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          The reply I received agrees with your information.

          "She can order within the project, but she should list TBA for the first name, project surname for the last name. The address line should read C/O her name and address as well as her email address. She can order the kit on invoice in case there are no takers."