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  • Trouble Joining Projects

    Since the change to the new personal webpages, four people who have already tested with FTDNA have tried to join my projects from their personal FTDNA pages. For each one I got an e-mail from FTDNA telling me to click on one of two links: one if I accept the person to the project, and the other if I do not accept. In each case I clicked on the "accept" link, wrote a short note in the optional message box, and clicked on the "accept" icon.

    None of these people have appeared on my GAP as "Join Project Requests" nor have they been added to my projects by FTDNA. I don't understand what is going on. I e-mailed FTDNA about it but have not heard back from them yet.

    Has anyone had this problem? Are there new instructions about joining projects that I am not aware of?

    Judy Simon

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    Use Feedback

    Have you used the Feedback section on the FTDNA Contact page. I have reported three problems since the change started and have received replies back on all three!


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      Not sure what may be the problem here. We have been really swamped with emails as of late and we are responding in the order received, so if you have not yet heard a reply you should early next week. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

      -Darren Marin
      Family Tree DNA


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        It is working ok. I think the problem was, as usual, no matter how many times I tell prospective project members who have already tested with FTDNA to use their FTDNA personal webpage to join the project, they don't; they use the link from the project website that is for new customers to order a kit. Now, I can't even tell them to look for the big blue "Join" button. Can we have the blue join button back?