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Master list of all known ancestry for all members of the Ferrill Group

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  • Master list of all known ancestry for all members of the Ferrill Group

    I am administrator for the Ferrill Group of FTDNA.

    We have five members, four of whom have ordered 67 marker cells tested.

    I am gathering all ancestry for all group members, using Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet format.

    The Excel software permits sorting on 3 columns {see below} simultaneously.

    Like items can be gathered, i. e., Surname, Given Name, Year Born.

    Each group member has been e-mailed the combined ancestry group. Each may order any sequence of sortings.

    Columnar headings are:
    No., Year Born, State, Year Died, Surname, Given Name, Father Given, Mother Surname, Mother Given Name. Any 3 of these columns may be used to sort the complete list of all ancestry for ALL group members. This provides hints as to possible matches of ancestors within the master group, which hint may be followed by individual group members.

    I can e-mail a copy of the combined master list to you at your request.

    Edward Ferrill (my mother's maiden surname) McKee
    Administrator, Ferrill Group.

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    Combined Master List

    Would you e-mail a copy (or sample) of the combined master list? I would like to set this up for my group Washington.

    Thank you

    T. Washington


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      This sounds like a great resource. Please be sure to remove the kit number, name, or email address of any participants before sending this master list out unless you have express written consent from the participant that they would like their information freely disseminated.

      -Darren Marin
      Family Tree DNA


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        Distinction between Ferrill and Ferrell

        Ferrell is an FTDNA group that has 5 members. Ferrill is an FTDNA that has about 30 members.