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1st International Conference on Genetic Genealogy

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  • 1st International Conference on Genetic Genealogy

    I believe this topic was started by Max before the forum was hit by the hacker. For additional information go to .

    I hope, that as a part of the conference, group administrators will be given a chance to make suggestions for changes.

    One change already mentioned in other topics is to allow a member to be in more than one project. One example of this would be a "region" project and a "surname" project. I'm sure others can come up with additional examples.

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    Conference News

    Dear Conference Participants,

    Here are the final numbers after we closed the registration:

    Number of people attending: 174
    Number of Surname Project represented: 194
    Number of Members included in all Projects represented: 5,073
    Number of Projects represented with over 100 members: 10
    Number of Projects represented with over 50 members: 32
    Number of Projects represented with over 20 members: 73

    Between today and Monday we will be sending you an e-mail asking you to classify yourselves in one of 4 levels of understanding the subject of Genetic Genealogy. Important: you need to classify yourselves as you see you compared to your peers, and not compared to scientists or those that have no clue at all about the subject. We will have in your name tags a color identification according to your level that hopefully will
    a) help us in the process of us immediately being "in sync" with you, and
    b) help you when looking between yourselves for exchanging experiences, talking about the subject and learning from each other.

    The levels will be:
    1. I don't have a problem admitting that I have very elementary knowledge and I don't feel confident enough when having to explain it to a prospective member
    2. I have the basic knowledge to the point that I feel comfortable explaining to someone else, but don't ask me too much about mutations and interpreting matches
    3. I think I have a good knowledge to the point that I can easily answer a lot of questions and the basics of mutations and interpreting matches. I feel I can be a speaker for a local Genealogical Society.
    4. I humbly believe that I have studied and dealt with it enough to be considered an expert among my peers.

    We hope that you don't have a problem in classifying yourselves... It will really be of big help. But don't do it now. Each of you will receive an e-mail about it, along with the list of participants and their e-mails....

    Thank you
    Max Blankfeld
    Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
    A Gene by Gene Company


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      I'm here. I'm across the street in the Comfort Suites.


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        I didn't say it yesterday, but I'll say it today.


        Family Tree DNA put on a WONDERFUL conference yesterday.

        I’m ready to sign up for next year!


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          The Conference was Outstanding!

          All your presenters were top notch. Kudos to Bennett and Max and all the staff at and the University of Arizona who made the 1st International Genetic Genealogy Conference in Houston TX an outstanding event.

          Charles Kerchner
          Emmaus PA