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  • dna test confusion

    I've had three people contact me this week asking about their account and out ftdna surname project.

    Apparently, they mistakenly order dna testing through and are dissapointed that they have no matches.

    One ordered 25 markers then realized his results are a near-match of an ftdna participant's results in our project and asked me how he can "join" our project.

    Can accounts be brought into ftdna surname projects or would he have to start over with ftdna?

    Any replies will be appreciated.

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    Have you asked FTDNA? That is where I'd start. You would get a fast, correct answer.


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      FTDNA offer a conversion test.

      You could start a DNA Group at Ancestry, and/or move your project webpage to World Families Network and post all results. You would need to convert the Ancestry results. YSearch has a conversion page for Relative Genetics/

      As the 2 labs use different markers its not going to be a great solution. I think only 32 markers of the 43 used at Ancestry are comparable with the FTDNA 37 marker test. At least FTDNA offer the additional markers in their advanced tests, so anyone tested with FTDNA can test for the additional markers to bring them inline with


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        I have included this statement on my Long Surname DNA Project website:

        If you've already tested with another company, (such as Ancestry, Trace Genetics, Roots for Real, Relative Genetics, Oxford Ancestors, GeoGene, Gene Tree, DNAPrint Genomics, DNAHeritage, African Ancestry, etc) you should upload your results to the YSearch database. Due to quality assurance concerns, I cannot add you to the Long Surname DNA Project based on DNA test results from a company other than Family Tree DNA unless you purchase a conversion kit.

        It's not really the ideal solution, and I'm open to any suggestions that won't create a lot of additional work.