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Serious bug in FTDNA accounts

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  • Serious bug in FTDNA accounts

    I hope all administrators know of a serious bug currently afflicting FTDNA accounts: Overdue tests are not showing their true status, but rather only the original due date. Thus, project members get the impression that the lab has simply "forgotten" their orders.

    The true status of overdue tests is available to the administrator on the Unreceived Lab Results page.

    In my project, for example, 13 tests are overdue, and marked as such on the Unreceived Lab Results page. (11 say the test is being re-run; 2 say they are waiting for the customer to return a new sample kit.) 4 more tests are overdue without explanation.

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    FTDNA notified me as I'm one of the overdue accounts.
    They could not find enough DNA for the advanced tests.
    FTDNA does a fine job. d