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No longer getting auto-email

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  • No longer getting auto-email

    Since yesterday morning, I have not been getting any auto-generated email from FTDNA. Results have arrived, new members have joined, but I have gotten no notice of these.

    Is it only me? Perhaps my ISP (namely, is screening out FTDNA as if it were a spammer? Unfortunately, ISPs nowadays are very trigger-happy with respect to filtering "spammers" (i.e., anyone who sends a lot of repetitive email, as FTDNA arguably does).

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    I had a new member join a few days ago, and no email arrived.
    I havnet had any new results this week.


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      This has been hit and miss for me for a while now. Sometimes I get notices, other times I don't. But I don't get to excited about it as I check the status almost every day.

      But you are correct, the notification process isn't always working like it should.


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        Actually I just noticed another issue that I will take up with FTDNA.
        Twice now, last night and just now, I sent a Join Authorization email and neither was received by me or the new potential participant.
        Kind of hard to get them to join the project if the Join Authorization hyper link can't be sent lol.

        I always make sure the box is checked so I get a copy of the same email.


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          Any time you find a problem with any of the FTDNA pages the first thing you should do is notify FTDNA. 100 others may have already reported the problem, but they need to know that the problem is still occurring at the time you noticed it.

          It is nice to know that others may be having the problem also, but you need to let FTDNA know first. If you receive a reply from FTDNA then please post it here also.



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            Are you guys still not receiving emails from FTDNA?
            Max Blankfeld
            Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
            A Gene by Gene Company


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              we're getting them.
              Thanks, darroll