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24/25 goes to 30/37

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  • 24/25 goes to 30/37

    Dear fellow GAPs:
    Bennett and I spoke for over an hour about my groups recent 37 results(he confirmed the results)....Thank you Bennett!

    Can I ask other GAPs for their thoughts....
    We had two samples from:

    1. thoroughly studied Maxwell men (all records exhausted) and no known link back 7 generations...

    2.each born ca 1730

    3.each migrated to Chester Co, Pa ca 1760

    4. each with simliar names (one named Henry with son Thomas , and the other named Thomas with son named Henry)...all Maxwell surnames...

    5. each with similar migration patterns (Chester Co, Pa 1760> Cumbrland Co, Pa 1790>westPa 1800, Wva> Ohio 1820>Indiana 1835 > Mo>Ia 1855)

    These 2 samples matched 24/25 (exception is 437, one is 16 and one is 15)

    When we received our 37 markers we were NONMATCHES at 30/37 (sometimes stated as 32/37 with 2- 2 step changes at 576 and CDY-b).....but still a NONMATCH.....

    Differences were:
    GATAH4 12, 11
    576 19,18
    570 15,17
    CDYb 42,40

    plus the 16, 15 at 437 [24/25]

    These findings will be very rare and statistically significant?

    Unfortunately I am one of the sample donors.....

    Are the new panel of markers "so fast moving" that I shouldnt correlate them to a standard mutation rate (0.002-0.004)?
    Could a few of you give me your thoughts.....
    Don Maxwell
    MAXWELL surname GAP

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    This isn't much help, but I think we will have to wait until we get a lot more 37 marker data before we can draw conclusions. Given the paper trail, it sure looks like a genetic relationship should exist. Your case could be one of those on the outer limits of statistical probabilities.
    Dennis West


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      I appreciate the words of support....I "hope" these new markers are very fast movers and will allow us to more precisely calculate a MCRA.....but I am also worried that I am one of those VERY rare (<0.001) statistical FATALITIES!
      I'll wait and hope! But I suspect it will take several months, possibly a year, to get enough data to calculate the mutation rates etc?????