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Newbie: Ordering kits for redistribution

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  • Newbie: Ordering kits for redistribution

    I just ordered my first two kits for redistribution and am kind of figuring this out as I go along. I just received my kits and there are two tests in one package with only one kit number and one release form. There were no additional instructions included for me as a redistributing project manager. Why were two tests sent with only one set of forms? I can make copies for the second person, but why do it this way in the first place unless there is something I don't get? I obviously don't understand how this works.
    These first two kits are planned for two men who would prefer to remain anonymous or at least will be represented within the group by female relatives. I wanted to mail them their tests, have them use them, and mail them back to me and then I would send them on to ftDNA. Does this approach make sense or is their a better way?
    Thanks for reading this. ANY help appreciated.

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    Dear Nancy, sorry for being so late in my reply. Since the vast majority of the messages at this forum are handled between users, we only check the messages randomly.
    Each kit comes with 2 swabs and 2 vials. This is for one person only. If you call me in the morning, we can clarify this situation, and I can tell you the couple of option that are available for you to order and redistribute kits. 713-868-1438.
    Max Blankfeld
    Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
    A Gene by Gene Company