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  • Blair DNA Project and DNA 101

    Due to problems with my old web hosting service I have decided to drop them and take on a new hosting service. My new web host offers far more storage and bandwidth then my old for the same price. They also provide for mutliple domain names and 2 free domain names. As a result of this I have added the domain name and moved my Blair DNA Project from to

    Those who have the following links to my Blair DNA Project and my DNA 101 webpage: and

    should update these links to and

    If you should happen to have direct links to other Blair DNA Project pages simply replace with

    The old links will continue to work by redirecting visitors to the new site, but the connection will take a bit longer.

    Scottish DNA - Better than Life Insurance

    John A. Blair
    Goffstown NH
    mailto:[email protected]
    BLAIR DNA Project Coordinator