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    Had a word with FTDNA this morning (10/29/2007) and requested that they change the bulk email facility so that all members are addressed as BCC (blind copy).

    I sent a bulk email to my group and got raked over the coals by a few members who objected to their email address being in the TO rather than the BCC. Can't say I blame them.

    St*rling DNA Project

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    Bulk email has always bcc'd the members, so this must have been a recent change. The bulk email had broken a couple weeks ago and it was just fixed -- maybe they accidentally broke the bcc when fixing whatever broke before.

    Did FTDNA say they'd fix this?


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      I was told they would fix it today. I think I'll wait a couple days then contact them and verify it's been fixed as there is no way to tell without sending a bulk email.


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        I don’t know about you… but… I do not want FTDNA releasing my E-Mail address.
        This is why they send their great newsletter using “BCC”, All E-Mail should be sent that way.
        I can’t wait to get their latest newsletter on the convention as I have heard very little and heard that it is going to be a ‘bomb shell”. This is the reason I only use FTDNA. We need one source for our testing results and they do a good job with their YSEARCH. If it’s not on YSEARCH, I do not compare to it. I have heard horror storied about the data on the “other” sites, they are a mess due to the conversions that are needed. Why can’t they show it with one standard format? This just confuses the masses and messes up the results.

        Rainbow, quit pouting…
        Thanks, d