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results, mis-matched and genetic distance

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  • results, mis-matched and genetic distance

    The current (1/16/04) results for my McCracken project are located at <> and I'd like comments from you experts. Note that two kits match 22/25 and that two of the three mis-matches are "fast-mutating". What am I to make of this? I understand that 22/25 usually indicates little likelihood of a common ancestor but isn't this a borderline case?

    I can count mis-matches and I can calculate genetic distance. When, and for what purposes, are genetic distances used?

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    Different haplogroups

    It does look as though you have a pretty solid group, but the two with different haplogroups are less likely to be related within genealogically useful time. If you think they still might be related, you might have their haplotypes tested to determine if they are really in different haplogroups from the rest of your family. I am not sure if the "bargain price of $50" is still available for the test. It would confirm or refute the haplogroup assignment and set you up for the finer sorted test down the road. Contact FTDNA about the price and realize that they are probably closed (certainly their testing lab is closed ) over the holidays.