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  • Change name of new project

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way, as an adminstrator, to change a project name? I am brand new, still tryng to get started, but my name is spelled DeVore and the project is Devore. It is kind of an issue with people of this name, (sort of like how someone from Illionois feels about keeping the final s silent) but is there a way that I can change it myself?

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    ALSO, for some reason it is appending my husband's name to my email address. HELP PLEASE!


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      On your group administrators page click on "Project Profile page". The first box on that page is your group name. Make the correction there. I can't help with your email problem.
      Dennis West


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        Thanks for the response Dennis; unfortunatley I have tried that repeatedly and it doesn't work. I can change my descriptions but the project name and 2 other references have the small v. It's like working with a microsoft product ;?) Every time I change the project name on my profile page, the editing software changes my spelling to the default that it believes is "correct". Guess I'll just have to email or call ftdna about it. Thanks. Nancy