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Why ftdna's comp. program doesnt help geographical projects

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  • Why ftdna's comp. program doesnt help geographical projects

    Look you have 100 people in a project like my chelsea project
    when you search ydna matches you dont see many matches at all.No you only get a few matches ocassionally

    I have more close matches then i ever though granted most are 12 but you know these people dont upgrade because they dont see results but there is results. this system doesnt work for geographical studys.
    if people share projects they always should be compared against others even if one isnt on the same project.

    I went down the rb1s and changed all of them to chelsea . i found about 10 people that match each other some r1b1c r1b1c7 & r1b1s I found they matched 1 or 2 genetic distances. this can only happen if I change them all to chelsea. if they have the surname group on they wont see this. thats a shame. and a hinderance for upgrades

    it also stops all connects between surnames and a geograpical area all these dont share the same name. yet it shows surnames have relationships with geographical areas. take denning rogers, slades , hendersons,pratts, abrams, mc donald , stevens , Thayer,Costello, Faye, & Chandler.

    I happen to do the genealogy of chelsea ,revere,winthrop ma. I knew these names were big in chelsea. this shows some kind of relationships.I think towns epecially small ones 100 years or so back shared ydna . residents didnt travel as much as today. especially kids . you tended to marry in town or at ;least to other residents friends and relatives.
    I just cant see it when the projects dont interact

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    as implied if my gap site shows denning then i wouldnt see any of these matches