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    Hello, hope everyone had a great holiday season.

    I started the Harrell DNA project back in August, and since that time have had a lot of people who cite cost as a delaying factor for joining the project. Yet at the same time, every day that passes is a day in which their DNA may be lost.

    Has familytreedna considered offering a low cost option for people to simply send in their sample for later testing, or is this cost-prohibitive?

    If not possible, what sort of DNA preserving storage can be used? Does it have to be a liquid storage modality?

    I have seen several low cost "card storage" modalities, with the FTA preservative. Is this acceptable for FTDNA to use? Thanks for your response.

    Kevin Harrell
    Harrell DNA Project Coordinator

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    Best suggestion is probably to have the family members who have budgetary constraints take the 12-marker Y test only, which is the least expensive. Then the dna is stored against future Y and mt dna tests. Cannot answer your technical questions. Max?


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      Yep, currently what I am doing

      Yep, currently I am recommending families to pool their money and just have one member tested. Some are unable to do this, however, and also it would be nice to know if there is a cheap storage method so that I could ask all of my relatives to allow me to store their DNA for possible future tests.

      Kevin Harrell