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  • downloading dna results

    When I download my dna results and copy/paste to web page - this is the way they look


    could someone tell me if it is ME and way saving, etc. I don't use too often, but, did a couple months ago and it worked.

    I save in word.doc and save to dys.htm and save to the web page. maybe I forgot something in between.
    I don't think I'm ready for the excel, yet.
    If you can help me in word, preferred. very simple, click by click.

    Thanks, marie, iowa
    [email protected]

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    You may try the following:

    From the "Generate Y-DNA Results" page in your GAP, click on "Copy & Paste" option.

    After the data finishes loading, select the whole page (press Ctrl + A keys at the same time) then copy the selected page to the clipboard using Ctrl + C.

    Next open a new word document and from the "Paste Special" option in the Edit Menu, select HTML.

    That should keep the correct format from the original data table in your new Word doc.

    Hope this helps.


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      VICTOR, thank you.
      I was beginning to think that NO one on here was helping 'dummies' any more.
      There use to be a page a few years ago when we first started that told us how to save to word. WHERE is that now?

      Anyway, what you told me , is like I am doing and I redid a few times tonite. It looks fine in word, but, when i copy / paste and take to my web page it looks like the link i sent in first letter AND also sometimes and tonite it said = too large - use copy and paste to insert parts of document into multiple web pages)
      Tonite I did NOT take to dys, just to word and copy/paste, maybe that's why I got the too large memo?

      My dna results chart is NOT on a separate page, it has other info on it also.

      My son used to have me save it in word as a dys.doc or htm file and then I copy/paste into my web page from the dys page.
      This has worked for several years.
      So I am doing something wrong or diff?

      I have so many diff dys files now that done of them work and my son is busy day/nite getting computers ready at school.
      So I need help. and I appreciate you trying to help, but, see what you are up against? a dummy.

      marie, iowa


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        Cant help with the cut and paste.

        Can you put a weblink on your webpage, back to the your FTDNA yResults page, so your group can see their results. Until you can sort out the problem.


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          Looking at your link above I see that you have now figured out how to paste your data table into your web page. Looks good!

          Best wishes!



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            VICTOR, thanks.
            I went to my GAP page, clicked on Excel (not copy/paste) and saved to Dys.htm (a file my son had already set up for me) then I copied it and went to my SELLERS web results page and pasted it.
            It kept the formatting, etc.
            This is Not the way I have done in the past, but, will be the way I do in future!

            I use dreamweaver 8 and I have XP.

            Hope this helps someone else.

            Best wishes to you.
            marie, iowa