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DNA testing/surnames of German heritage

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  • DNA testing/surnames of German heritage

    I am a member of Palatines to America and the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society and am writing articles about DNA testing for publication in their newsletters. Both organizations are for people interested in genealogy. The first one is nationwide and its members have ancestors who came from Germany to America in the 18th century. The second covers any time period of immigration but is specifically for those now living in the Middle Atlantic region.

    I am looking for a surname study to highlight where DNA tests have shown a match between a Germanic surname and the Anglicized version. I would also like to include a list of any other surname studies which have German heritage.

    If you are the administrator of such a group and would like your surname and web site publicized in this way, please post a reply giving the surname and the address to its web page. I will copy and add that info to the article I have written.

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    My Surname Study deals with the Auerbach name, in particular I am dealing with Jewish families. There is at least one branch of Auerbachs who are from Germany. If you take a look at my Surname page, you will see a list of variant names that I am looking into. Please let me know if if this is appropriate for you. (I do not have a website yet)