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basic # of generations question

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  • basic # of generations question

    It just hit me that I am not sure if "number of generations to MCRA " is
    1. generations back to a theoretical MCRA
    2. transmission events(generations) up to theoretical MCRA and then down the tree in a collateral line again to another adding the number "up" to MCRA and "down" other words if 2 donors are 8 generations away from a theoretical MCRA is it really 8+8 = 16 generations??? that should be used in the calculated % chance for a MCRA ????

    Don Maxwell
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    My TMRCA is 6. I have a cousin who has TMRCA of 8 to the same ancestor. If the DNA results come back as a perfect match at 37 markers I'm planning to use his 8 generations to calculate a 70% probability. If I can use 6+8=14 as the TMRCA for a 90% probability I'd be pleased. Can someone help us out here?


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      This is a more simple way to ask my question as dcompton has the same concept that I do about adding the generations together....
      Don Maxwell