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Does Anyone like the new gap page

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  • Does Anyone like the new gap page

    I dont

    lets go back

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    I feel it looks more cluttered, but I am getting used to it.
    I have had a lot of trouble with mtDNA and X STR results going AWOL, which seems to be finally fixed.

    I would rather have more options for the project webpage, like the ability to label the page tabs, rather than the ones available.


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      I like it!


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        I don't know any better (I have only used the new version).


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          It's taking me a bit of time

          but I am slowly getting used to it. I agree that the prior layout was much more "user friendly" and agree with the statement that this layout seems far more cluttered. Then again, my evaluation for work this past year said I don't deal well with change~grin.


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            No, I don't like it. It is too cluttered and poorly arranged.

            As it is now, one can only get to the Members information page and the Received and Unreceived results headings by scrolling. These are the pages I use most often and it would be helpful just to be able to click on them after I open the GAP page.

            Presumably the GAP page is for Group Administrators. Hopefully Group Administrators are familiar with the function of the various sections and don't need all that explanatory verbiage constantly displayed. The code could easily be written so that the explanation shows up with a hover.

            My suggestion (hope?) is that the headings be rearranged and the explanations be hidden.

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