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How to start a new thread? Genetic Distance

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  • How to start a new thread? Genetic Distance

    I am in Group Admin Forum---I could not see how to post in DNA Forum.

    We search for exact matches or perhaps one of two genetic distance.

    What is the LARGEST genetic distance anyone has had? I once saw 47.

    3VEJQ Terence

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    I just took up your challenge on ysearch. I assume that you when you're talking about the greatest genetic distance, you're limiting that to people within the same haplogroup.

    So I searched for genetic distance of 75 among R1b1c's (my haplogroup), at 66 markers. The highest genetic distance is actually only 44. At 37 markers, the highest genetic distance among R1b1c's from my haplotype is 38.

    Mike Maddi