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  • Problems with website

    Has anyone else had users report problems with placing an order from the website?

    I have a project participant who has ordered one test for a relative and has now tried to order one for another and is encountering problems. After he fills in all in the information on the order form for a kit and clicks continue, he gets a "page not found" message. After trying several times, he e-mailed me. He's using AOL by the way.

    When I first tried it with IE, I had the exact same problem, but when I tried from another project page, it worked. Then when I went back to the orginal project, the problem wouldn't reproduce and hasn't for me since. So with me, it was a one time problem, but with him it's persistent.

    The other strange problem I'm seeing with IE and FireFox, is that on the order page, I have a rather large blank space between the grey "Join the Project" banner and the "To join the Schneidersurname project..." section. The AOL user who couldn't order says there's a "contact the project administrator" link that he sees, but when he clicks on it, a colon is used to separate the two e-mail addresses which doesn't work. It took me awhile to figure out what he was talking about, because I can't even see that link! He said it's in blue.

    I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Can anyone confirm any of this? I've reported these issues to Julie since I can't find a technical contact on the website.


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    Julie tells me the order problem has been resolved. It had to do with a scripting problem with the "Join" feature.