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  • Seeking Surname Project Message Board Service

    Our little project has grown and its volunteer administrator is looking for a more efficient alternative to bulk e-mail or 'newsletter' .

    Rootsweb offers message boards, but by definition, they are public and as such will not work for our purposes. It would have to be private and unsearcheable by Google, etc.

    Does FTDNA offer such a service/feature? It seems a natural since we're already named, numbered, passworded and grouped.

    If not is there a FREE (or really cheap) alternative service that admins here can recommend?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Have you considered a YahooGroup? It can function as both a mailing list and a message board. It can be private so that only invited or approved members can join. The only downside to the message board (and numerous other features like photo posting, file sharing, etc...) is that users wanting to use those features must have a Yahoo ID. You don't need a Yahoo ID to just be a member of the mailing list, though.

    I have 3 YahooGroups for genealogy purposes, and I find they work really well.



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      I agree with hokiejane - a Yahoogroups list is the way to go. It's free and you can make it private. That means that only those who you, as group owner/administrator, invite are allowed to join. Only members have access to the message archives.

      I set up a Yahoogroups list for the Sicily Project last June. We have about 175 members in the Sicily Project here at FTDNA and 70 of those are also members of the Yahoogroups list. The message traffic isn't as high as I hoped it might be, but recently members have been posting there a bit more. It's a way to make communications a two-way street between the project administrator and members and also a way to allow members to know each other and their family trees, to compare notes and discuss results.

      Another feature of the Yahoogroups list is that members can post photos and files. They recently increased the space for files from 20 mb to 100 mb. And it's all free.

      Mike Maddi