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  • New DNA Collection Instructions

    I learned from one of our new testers in our group yesterday that what I had told him was confusing since the kit he received had 3 swab kits and 3 collection tubes.

    I e-mailed Family Tree DNA and they said yes, the newer kits being sent out do have 3 swab kits and 3 collection tubes instead of two.

    Anyway, for the rest of you who did not know about this change, either, here are the new instruction posted today by FTDNA at

    "Collection Instructions"

    "Please Note--Read this entire sheet before you begin your specimen collection. Scraping should be before eating or drinking, or at least an hour after eating and drinking. Avoid warm or hot fluids before scraping.

    1. We have supplied 3 swab kits and collection tubes to insure accuracy.

    2. The number on your tube should correspond to the number on your Release Form and the plastic bag.

    3. With clean hands carefully open the plastic wrapper without damaging the scraper. Keep the plastic bag that has your kit number to put the tubes back after the collection.

    4. Using one cheek scraper, scrape forcefully inside the cheek many times (about 60 seconds). A great scrape gives us a great sample! A weak scrape will yield less DNA and may cause several weeks delay.

    5. Remove the small specimen tube marked with your kit number. Unscrew the top and gently push on the plunger at the top of the applicator stick, ejecting the scraper into the tube, just under the soapy solution. (Please do not jam the scraper to the bottom of the tubeĀ…it is difficult to retrieve)!

    6. Remove the plastic applicator handle, leaving the scraper tip in the tube. Twist the cap onto the tube securely. The tube must be shut tightly to insure the quality of your sample. The tube with the scraper tip inside should be left at room temperature. However, it will not be harmed by winter or summer temperatures when sent by regular mail.

    7. Wait 3-4 hours and repeat steps 4 to 6 for each of the second and third scrapers and tubes marked with your kit number.

    8. Put the tubes inside the plastic bag that has your kit number and seal it. Insert the plastic bag and the release form in the self-addressed envelope provided, and send it back to Family Tree DNA via US Mail (postage within the US is 52 cents). If payment has not yet been made, please make sure to write the Kit AND Invoice numbers on the check. This will ensure that payment is correctly assigned to your order."

    Hope this link on FTDNA's Front page gets changed, soon, with a picture of the newer kit