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    Dear Fellow Group Administrators,

    This weekend I received what I believe to be a very inappropriate
    solicitation e-mail. It came from DNA Heritage, and was signed by
    Alastair Greenshields. He ask me to provide a link to DNA Heritage's new DNA test site on my surname website.

    When we included our data in their Ybase website, there was a privacy statement that said that Y-Base was an independent web site and our information wasn't to be shared with third parties. There was nothing mentioning that they were putting together a testing company and that they would use our information to solicit our business.

    So, as far as I am concerned, sharing data with an affiliated business that didn't exist at that time, is sharing data with a third party. Once they launched their testing services, they changed their privacy policy to accommodate the newly created business. This is wrong and this is deceiving. I do not appreciate their way of doing business. I feel being used.

    Your thoughts...

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    The only link to a testing site we have on the Whitney web page is the one for the surname project which is at FTDNA. I do not link to other sites although anyone who wishes to submit his DNA profiles to ybase or any other site or project is free to do so as an individual. We have kept our web page free of commercial links. This cuts down mightily on the cookies, popups and other e-trash that I get from other family sites and which infuriate me. I suggest that you do likewise. Your relatives will bless your name.