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  • new Euro division question

    When a new participant joins our surname projects and he is in Europe, are the PA's to inform FTDNA this is a European participant in order to get his kit from the Euro Division or does that participant still send his kit here to the USA?

    Or because he is a European with a European home address, will the kit automatically be mailed from the Euro office?
    And I guess my last question is, once a European has joined our surname projects, are they to still pay in US Dollar or in their currency to the Euro office?

    In the past any European who joined our surname projects had to convert to US Dollar, am just wondering what the procedure is to make things easier for them?


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    I think a European project participant is supposed to use one of these hyperlinks to order initially:

    Y-DNA-12 (EUR 80.-):

    Y-DNA-37 (EUR 150.-):

    Y-DNA-67 (EUR 215.-):

    The participant should enter the name of the project. The kit will be sent from the Zurich office and is to be returned to the Zurich office.

    For upgrades, I'm not so sure whether the project member can pay in Euros, or must pay in dollars.


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      Anyone in Europe should order their kit from the the European website:

      If they do, the kit will be mailed from Europe and returned to the European office. The transaction will be in Euros or Swiss Francs and the kit number will start with "E" (e.g. E1234).

      No intervention by the admin is required.


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        Originally posted by vineviz
        Anyone in Europe should order their kit from the the European website:
        I see that the general site you mention now has, on the Order page in fine print in the upper right, a hyperlink for Group Rates. That leads to a page offering project discounts, and appears essentially equivalent to the hyperlinks I quoted.
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          I inquired via e-mail, and the response I got was that if the billing address was in the US (i.e. someone in the states paying for a European testee) it would be best to just go through the regular website.


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            new Euro division

            <Originally Posted by vineviz - Anyone in Europe should order their kit from the the European website>
            I looked at the new European site. My only advice for those living in the UK is the check the exchange rate. I found it was cheaper to order from the USA converting sterling to dollars rather than euros.


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              Hmmm...I'm scratching my head wondering what all the fuss is about. I have members in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and all of them joined the project the same way all my American members did: either via the link to our project on FTDNA's website, or via the project website. In fact, there is no other way to join my project. What "European" office? What European join link? Who cares? On the internet, a link can be to anywhere in the world and, all my life (55 years and going), anyone anywhere in the world can freely send and receive mail from anywhere in the world. It isn't even necessary for FTDNA to have a European based office or warehouse, which would be more expensive to maintain than the postage costs from the U.S.