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Bogus credit card charges on 2/10-2/12

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  • Bogus credit card charges on 2/10-2/12

    Project administrators:

    On Saturday and Sunday, 2/10 and 2/11, I placed a couple of orders through the Project Administrator web interface. In fact, I did this partly because project members were reporting that they could not make transactions, or that their credit cards were getting declined. On Monday, 2/12, FTDNA confirmed that they were having such problems, although presumably they resolved it shortly thereafter.

    Yesterday, I placed another such order, and promptly got a call from my credit card company asking me to verify the charge. They said that they had seen some credit card fraud with "this kind of company" (presumably, DNA testing companies). I confirmed the charge, but thought it a little odd.

    Today, I was reconciling my credit card statement, and noticed that the days of 2/11 and 2/12 show, in addition to the FTDNA purchases I actually made, two additional purchases for the unusual amount of $25.12. (Note that FTDNA purchases on my credit card are typically dated one day later than the actual day I placed the order.) These two $25.12 charges do not correspond to any purchases I made. I called FTDNA, who verified that a short time ago, they detected bogus project "donations" occurring through the Project Administrator interface. (The criminal's purpose, presumably, was to "test" the credit card number before using it on something larger or selling it to the underworld.) They promised to have their accountant call me back.

    In the meantime, I have asked my credit card company to close that number and issue me a new one, etc.

    In short: Any project administrator who placed any orders through the GAP interface on 2/10 through 2/12 should examine her/his credit card statement to ensure that no bogus charges appear.

    This has happened to me several times over the past several years with other Internet-orderable companies and other credit cards--e.g., Walmart.

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    Bogus Credit Card Charges

    This happened to me several years ago. It started with a $1.00 charge in one month. The next month were two more $1.00 charges plus two $14.95 charges. When I called the credit card company, they explained the scam and told me that there was yet another charge - this time for $29.95 - on the next month's bill. They closed the account and issued me a new number.

    Make sure if you have to close an account because of fraud - that you notify anybody who may be automatically charging that card number. Pending orders, internet service providers, travel agents, etc.


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      Credit Card Fraud

      Did FTDNA call you back? What did they say?


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        Originally posted by wolong
        Did FTDNA call you back?
        This was their email:
        I am terribly sorry for the two $25.12 charges. When your order was entered our system was undergoing maintenance which our back end credit card system had problems accepting. We have refunded each of the $25.12 charges to your credit card. These charges were not fraudulent and occurred due to invalid updates. Please accept our apologies. Thank you.

        But even if I had gotten this response very quickly, I think I still would have gotten a new credit card number, just to be safe.


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          I knew I was doing the smart thing by having all members handle the transactions between themselves and FTDNA.