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  • Font size and type?

    Can anyone tell me what font type and size the FTDNA pages are in?

    I have noticed, that depending on what computer I am viewing, the "type' I am typeing may be a different size to the FTDNA headings ie; Project Goals, Project Background, Project News, Project Results.

    If I add new headings down the page, they appear in a much larger text.
    I can do the Bold, Italics stuff myself, but have no idea what size or font the FTDNA original headigs are in. So all addtional heading on my pages look out of line and size.

    And shouldnt it all be the same, if I have not specified any size??

    I am viewing on windows 98?, at home, windows 2001 and Xp at work, and maybe another newer windows that I cant remember (From a friends place). Its the windows 98 that looks the worst. Is it just my home computer and other windows 98? I would like them all to look good for potential and ongoing members

    Thanking you in advance,

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    You can try this.
    Here are two options.
    Option one:
    Go to the page you want to get the information from. Go to your menu bar on your browser and click on “view” then click “source”. This will open the source page showing how the page was programmed. Look down the page for the information you wish to use. Note you can also open a source page using your mouse. On the page you wish to view, right click on your mouse. Look for the “view source” click and this opens the view source page.
    Option two:
    On the page you want to get the information example,” Project Goals:” highlight and copy the word or words. Next open your word processor program. (e.g. MS Word 2003) paste the information you copied and again highlight this word or words then look at the menu bar above and you should see the font type and size.



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      Thanks for the tips Raynvald.

      Its so simple when you think about it.