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  • alpha-numeric kit number

    Our surname project has 13 members.
    The first twelve were assigned 5 digit kit numbers in ascending order.
    The most recent participant's kit number is "N31190".
    I assume this has something to do with FTDNA's recent purchase of another company, but would like to know for sure.
    Any reply will be appreciated.

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    Any kit number beginning with an "N" belongs to someone whose test results came through National Geographic's Genographic Project. Since FTDNA is contracted to handle that project's testing, anyone in that project can transfer their results, for free, to FTDNA and join projects here.

    The Genographic Project only tests HVR1 for mtDNA and only 12 markers for yDNA. Once they have transferred their results from the Genographic Project to FTDNA, they can order the HVR2 test for mtDNA and upgrades to 25, 37 or 67 markers for yDNA, plus SNP tests, x-STR and autosomal DNA testing.

    Mike Maddi


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      Mike Maddi,
      Thank you for the explanation.
      Gary Violette