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  • I don't know what to think...

    In my surname project I have 2 participants who have a 12/12 match. One of them has only tested 12 markers and the other has tested 37.

    The fellow who only tested 12 markers also belongs to the Allison surname study. When I looked at his matches, he has 15 11/12 marker matches with people surnamed Allison/Ellison.

    The fellow who tested 37 markers has no Allison/Ellison matches.

    I am thinking that I shouldn't have them matched, or label it a possible match and advise the fellow who tested 12 markers to upgrade.

    Any advice?


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    If person A & person B match 12/12, and person A has an 11/12 match with people in the Allison/Ellison project, then person B must also have an 11/12 match with those people.

    The fact that you're not seeing these people on person B's match list probably means that either person B or the people in the other project have their preferences set to only match them against people in their own project.

    For common surnames, 12 markers is most often not enough, and either the 11/12 matches or the 12/12 match can easily fall apart when more markers are tested. Even a 25-marker match can fall apart at 37 markers.

    So, I would definitely advise person A to upgrade to 37 markers to get clarification on these matches.

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      Of course...that makes perfect sense. I forgot about the preferences being set differently. Duh...Ok, at least I was thinking that they should match.

      I just went and checked the preferences and they are set the same! Oh well...I will just advise to upgrade.

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