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Where does R-Z2105 fall in the haplotree?

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  • Where does R-Z2105 fall in the haplotree?

    I have a project member with haplogroup R-Z2105 and I'm trying to place them in a group. I normally open up the haplotree and walk up the tested haplogroups until I find a group that includes it, but the haplotree never comes up. I then tried the Discovery tool and it gives me R-M12149. Can I assume that R-M12149 is an equivalent for the same haplogroup? I googled the groups but couldn't find a clear link between them.

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    Haplotree | FamilyTreeDNA‚Äč
    Loading time is a bit slow.

    Switch from Country to Variant view and you will see Z2105 listed, among several others.

    Z2105 is an equivalent level SNP at the present. In the future, it will probably be on a lower level.


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      OK, I see it now. It wasn't loading in the kit's haplotree but I want to the Y-DNA haplotree for admins and found it there.