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  • Deceased cousin's DNA kit

    I have a distant cousin who together in 2015, we took our DNA tests about the same time. However, he was not really involved with genealogy research, he took the test as a favor for us. Now, with the BigY700 apparent breakthrough, I updated to the Bigy. I am trying to contact my distant cousin, but he has not answered us, which is unusual. We have not heard from him in a couple of years, now we believe he may be deceased. His DNA upgrade to the Bigy700 is important to us. If we discover he is deceased, can we somehow become administrators to his DNA Kit. Being we are connected by a mutual 6x Great back in Ireland who was born about 1670, means a lot to the DNA program, and would hate to see his DNA evidence go to waste. How can we save and or upgrade his results.

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    Did the cousin name a beneficiary in the kit beneficiary data? Who paid for the kit? If the upgrade is ordered and a new sample is needed you need to know in advance if FTDNA will refund the upgrade cost. There are cases where they will not, but I don't know which ones.

    His current results will not be lost. I have a deceased cousin whose kit shows he is deceased but is data is still part of the project data.