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Issue with General Fund donation via PayPal

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  • Issue with General Fund donation via PayPal

    Hi All,

    I had recommended to a donor he use the General Fund as it was the easiest way to place, and pay for, an upgrade order. It turned out far from it.

    I had the project member donate towards a kit upgrade to Big-Y700 for a fellow member. The donation was paid via PayPal and cleared by the donor's bank but the payment was not posted to our General Fund. It took 3 days of emails to the Help Desk from me, phone calls to both the Help Desk and PayPal from the donor. It was a very frustrating situation where PayPal had the amount supposedly cleared and FTDNA saying they were waiting on PayPal to confirm payment had cleared.

    It was only on day 3, with another call to PayPal, they confirmed the payment had not been cleared and asked the donor for some personal details of the recipient to satisfy their requirements. This is what was holding up the PayPal's clearance. FTDNA seemed not to be aware of any such requirements and, I guess, they correctly assumed there was a problem with the payment.

    I would not recommend using PayPal for donations. They only explained they needed some of the recipients personal details, during a heated phone call from the donor, on day 3.

    Take care and stay safe.