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  • Empty Subgroups Being Deleted ( :-)

    I know this is the opposite of what most folks complain about. But I use empty subgroups as headers for sub-subgroups in my Y-DNA project. For example, I have members who don't match anyone else, but can be characterized by their country of origin. So the "header" might be: "Smiths from the British Isles" with subgroups of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. This was actually working last week. Apparently, everyone else that was complaining about being unable to delete empty subgroups prompted FTDNA to delete them automatically! If you know differently or have a way around this, please let me know. I suspect it's a lost cause and that I'll just have to live with the new norm!

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    I don't think empty groups are being automatically deleted, but I do think empty groups are not displayed in the classic or colorized Y-DNA charts.
    To test, I created empty sub-group Group 95 in the Raymond project. True, it does not show in the above reports.
    But it is retained in the GAP sub-grouping page, and I can move a member into it when desired.
    I can't tell if the empty groups were being displayed a while ago ("working last week").


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      You are correct. The empty subgroup is not deleted but it no longer appears on the table. Here is a partial table created on 4 Apr 2021 at 8 pm. I removed the kit numbers. The dark orange "title" no long appears on the tables.
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        So the conclusion is that empty subgroups were quietly removed from Y-DNA display charts some time after 4 Apr 2021. But those subgroups still exist.


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          Yes. The title of the post is incorrect -- can it be changed? The loss of the empty subgroups in the table is not a crisis, but it is annoying since I've been using that "feature" for years. Thank you for your replies to my messages.