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LOOK for NEW Members at The Haplogroup 'G' Project

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  • LOOK for NEW Members at The Haplogroup 'G' Project

    I coordinate membership for Peter Christy, PA of The Haplogroup 'G' Project, and we would like you to look for new members for your Project with us.

    In return, we would ask YOU other PAs to refer your Haplogroup 'G' members to us for membership.

    There is some misconception that an FTDNA client cannot belong to two YDNA Projects. That is NOT true. I belong to two myself.

    I think that you actually add value to your member's testing dollar already spent by extending their membership to also cover their haplogroup.


    IF they want to join, they will need their FTDNA Kit No and Password.

    JOIN. Any FTDNA or National Geographic Genographic Project client who had their Y-DNA tested to predict or confirm that they are a member of Haplogroup G is welcome to join.

    Click the blue "JOIN" button on your FTDNA personal page, then click on "G1" from the "Y Haplogroup Projects" at the bottom of the "Group Join" page. Click on "GYDNA" on this page, then finally click on the "JOIN" button and you're done. Our Admin will send you an email confirmation.

    Alternatively, if you know your FTDNA Kit Number and Password, go directly to the public page at the link below and click "Request to Join this Group".

    Please write me if I can help.