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  • Mode, ranges, and other central tendency measures - Subgroups

    I am new surname co-administrator. While I have considerable scientific training (even done myself PCR and other techniques), I am not a Geneticist, and I am relatively very naive in Genetic Genealogy. I read some books, blogs, scientific papers and have seen several videos including by Dr. Gleeson from prior FTDNA conferences. My surname project was ungrouped. I used Chase Ashley's Grouping App and then subsequently used the grouping tools in the Admin menu for my project. See:
    However, no mode or other measure of central tendency, or ranges (min - max) were "automatically" calculated as prior FTDNA videos indicate, which also led to lack of colorization of the differences. Am I missing something in the Admin groupings? Here are some additional (perhaps naive) questions:
    • Why mode is the preferred measure of central tendency as compared to median?
    • Based on my perusal of several related projects, it seems that there is an unique STR signature for some of our sub-groups. I have read a few manuscripts in several professional journals, and I think that I could defend scientifically this position and make an argument for the old Spaniards early settlers.
    • Lastly, an alternative approach to surname is to take a historical figure and try to recreate Y-DNA (or other) using traditional and genetic genealogy. Maybe I am still naive in asking for downward approaches.
    We also have several Big Y tests in progress (incl. mine). Thank you for all your videos, responses to my fumbling early posts as I learn the basics of the field, and I look forward to your suggestions.