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Deleting empty subgroups.

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  • Deleting empty subgroups.

    I recently reorganized subgroups by moving kits into new subgroups, leaving some empty subgroups. I now find that I cannot delete these old subgroups since they do not show up in Subgroups Index Page, but the still show up in the Reports. Ideas?

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    I just created a new subgroup. I didn't add anyone to it. Signed out of GAP. Signed into GAP. Went to the Member Subgrouping home page and did see the new subgroup and I was able to delete it.

    There are several known issues with Member Subgrouping since the new version was created and with most of the staff working from home things are moving VERY SLOW.

    I have one subgroup I can not move ungrouped members into. FTDNA has reproduced the problem, but they have not corrected it yet.

    When you are on the Member Subgrouping Home page, have you tried using the search function to find one of the empty subgroups?
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