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    Hi everyone, I'm Cathy Manly Sockol, project administrator for the Manley/Manly family project. Our project has been up and running since August of '03, with 36 members to date. Not a very large group, but slow and steady as we grow.

    Since we began when the use of DNA in genealogy was rather in it's infancy, most members tested for 12 markers. I am slowly seeing an upgrade from earlier project members, which is a GOOD thing. I am also having some success with (finally) getting project members to provide a direct lineage outline, which is also a good thing. All in all, I'm happy with response from project members for the most part.

    The two questions I have are these;

    1) We currently have 3 project members who tested through Heritage DNA. Those results are 37 markers. With the 33 members tested through FTdNA, it takes a great deal of time to compare results for for these folks who test elsewhere. Has anyone out there got a simpler method than the current method of using a spreadsheet with the members' results and comparing them, one marker at a time? While seeing the project grow is what we all hope for, I actually sometimes dread new reulsts because I know what I face with updating our site.

    I have asked FTdNA about incorporating the result sinto the project, but it's a "no can do" from their point of view. Understandable, I suppose, but none the less frustrating for me.

    2) Since we are (as a society) rather visual, I provide my project members and site visitors with graphs and charts where appropriate. One that is killing me is the phylograph. The last time ours was created was well over a year ago and was done by a very kind soul. I have the free d/l from Fluxus, but am TOTALLY out of my depth here. The data we receive for results in based (my understanding) on the number of "repeats" for specific markers. The data as it is entered into the software program is based on the actual results, as read by the professionals.

    I understand the graph is created by using an X-Y Matrix, but again, I have been out of school FAR too long to remember any of this!

    If I have totally lost everyone, our project site is The Manley Family DNA Project, if you select the link for Phylographs, you can see the VERY outdated ones currently on the site. I really need to figure out a way to update them! Any suggestions out there?

    I look forward to any responses I might receive from my fellow administrators.