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  • Catchphrase contest

    On April 7th I received an email from FTDNA titled "GAP Announcement: Enter To Win FIVE Y-37 Tests!".
    My co-admin and I entered the contest which was for a 'catchy phrase ... to be used to promote Y-DNA".

    Never heard anything more about it by email.
    Searched high and low and cannot find anything about it.

    Did other group admins receive it?
    Did anyone win anything?
    And where did FTDNA publish the results?


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    Sounds like spam. Did you verify the sending address was a FTDNA email address? Did you verify the address you sent your response to was a FTDNA address?


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      Hi Jim. I haven't visited this forum for the last couple of years - Glad to see you are still kicking.

      I took a look at the email source and it seems ok and legit.
      The click button is which is the same clicker they use for sales special offers etc.

      I think you are saying that you never received this email?
      And from the deafening silence it would seem that the other readers of this thread didn't receive the email either.
      Very curious!!
      Of course I could try asking the help desk, but that's likely to be a painful process given my previous experience with them.


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        Originally posted by flanged View Post
        I think you are saying that you never received this email?
        That is correct, I didn't receive the email you mentioned. I check both my in box and spam folder on a regular basis. I'm the admin for several projects and the only contact for several kits.

        As for the 'deafening silence' the forum has all but died with the new format. People keep complaining they can't find the link for the forum. I keep it in my favorites and have never had a problem.


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          I checked my email and I have one dated from May 6. Here is the quote:
          Dear Group Project Administrators,

          Mother's Day Sale starts today! Pricing details are listed below.

          We have also selected the Y-DNA catchphrase contest winners. We appreciate everyone who submitted an entry. There were so many great ones it was hard to choose! All five winners will be notified by email today and tomorrow.

          As always, thank you for the work you do as Group Project Administrators.


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            Thanks for that.
            Perhaps the original contest offer email only went out to a subset of administrators.


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              I did get that email. On April 1, I got the email titled "GAP Announcement: Enter To Win FIVE Y-37 Tests!" Then on May 6 I got one titled "GAP Announcement: Mother's Day Sale & Y-DNA Contest Winners". If you do a search for "catchphrase" in your email, you should find these two if you did receive them and did not delete them.